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Our Goal

Making Ourselves Matter Services Society (MOMSS) is training up more leaders to influence and effect change, resulting in a greater impact against the cycle of despair characteristic of at-risk populations. We are not only assisting the women we directly serve, but multiplying the effects of their personal growth and invigorated hope to expand opportunities and social outcomes. In promoting leadership skills and the importance of passing forward, we are giving women a unique opportunity to rise up and serve as community ambassadors, inspiring peers still entrenched in hopelessness. We are empowering them to be part of the solution instead of the cause. Desperately wanting to leave the vacuum of ‘system-support’ they survive in, these young women will be given a hand-up to break through the barriers and negative cycles, both for themselves and for their present or future children. MOMSS aims to create a ripple effect by ensuring women grow to be stronger, healthier role models in the community. We begin where other services leave off.

MOMSS wants to train up these at-risk women to believe in themselves, to inspire others, to change the direction of their destinies. What if these amazing women returned to their place of origin as a community champion? What if these women of impact role modelled the benefits of positive choices to their peers, fostering and promoting wellness within their home communities? MOMSS will provide the skills and tools to motivated young women who are seeking another chance at a promising future, who want to become representatives of hope. As change agents, we believe in order to have a greater effect we need to invest in the capacity of a smaller group, positioning them to be influencers for change rather than helping many in only a small way and not making any real difference.

The tragedy of life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goals to reach.
-Benjamin Mays