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Fulfilling Hope

Desperation for promising clients to have a subsequent or continuum of service and long-term post support is a common communication thread at all social service meetings/forums. Public outcry illuminates the scarcity of solutions for floundering and vulnerable youth who have aged out of government care, struggling with precarious housing, low income, and a deficit in life skills and education. As an enabled ‘system-supported’ lifestyle often undermines efforts of moving forward, from where does the impetus to change come from?

Studies have identified repeatedly that the lack of opportunity, support, life skills, education, and employment are the main causes of recidivism. If vulnerable young women are supported longer-term with stable residential housing and the capacity building needed to lead a healthy, self-sufficient life, they will then become contributing adults in their communities who sustain not only their own well-being but contribute to the well-being of others. Stable long-term supports and complete opportunities address social determinants, ultimately leading to longstanding benefits both to the individual and the community.

Making Ourselves Matter Services Society (MOMSS) models the effectiveness and benefits associated with providing stability first, housing in a supportive nurturing environment, and then complementing it with strength-based services to promote self-sufficiency, overcoming the barriers and causes that have led to marginalization. As an innovative solution towards the existing deficit in provincial services, MOMSS provides the time and resources needed to break this social challenge, preparing young women for a life-time of success and positive influence on others. Preventing the emergence of a new generation of homeless adults and families is a key strategy for ending homelessness, a common issue that faces all of our communities. This innovative program leads the way to not only fulfilling these women’s hopes but rippling its outcomes.

Perhaps the butterfly is proof that you can go through a great deal of darkness yet become something beautiful.
- Unknown