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Client Service

Making Ourselves Matter Services Society (MOMSS) will provide superior and extensive holistic care and support to their clients. Staff will encourage the residents’ well-being, and strive to help them realize their full potential. Residents will be empowered to improve their quality of life in MOMSS’ nurturing and supportive environment. A continuum of non-judgmental support stimulates trusting relationships that in turn cultivates a safe atmosphere where residents feel open to addressing the issues behind their negative behavior cycles. The collaboration of a multi-disciplinary team will provide excellent wrap-around support around the clock. Our organization operates from “the client is always first’ approach. As a cohesive team, it will strive to meet the individuals’ needs in a responsive and caring manner, bringing out the best in the resident population and at the same time nurturing a community environment. At MOMSS, we know that we need to out influence their peers who do not support them in their sustainability. MOMSS wants to model a mindset valuing personal and social transformation. These vulnerable women will be mentored, infusing them with hope and optimism. Women mentoring women, it is a winning strategy.

Our Values

  • MOMSS models integrity
    • We present ourselves in an honest, trustworthy, and respectful manner
  • MOMSS maintains confidentiality
    • We honor our positions of trust by respecting personal information
  • MOMSS values and affirms people
    • We support and respect the diversity of the people, organizations, and communities we serve
  • MOMSS communicates effectively
    • We listen with understanding, respond with respect
  • MOMSS is solution-centered
    • We work with each other to achieve positive outcomes
  • MOMSS empowers
    • We encourage clients to reach their full potential by focusing on their strengths
  • MOMSS acts responsibly
    • We take responsibility for our words and behavior
  • MOMSS promotes a supportive environment
    • We acknowledge others with praise, respect, and encouragement
It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else, will affect its successful outcome.
- William James