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Benefits of Community Stage

Examples of benefits that clients will have within the opportunity of the Community Stage, the last two years of the four-year life skills apprenticeship offered through Making Ourselves Matter Services Society (MOMSS)

  • Staff help bridge the transition from residential to independent living with full support
  • Staff work to rehouse clients with the most appropriate housing options based on their needs
    • Addressing issues related to tenant screening barriers
    • Assists with housing search and landlord outreach to secure permanent housing
    • Assists them with preparing their new home and moving in
  • It connects housing and support to foster long-term solutions in their new setting
  • It provides long-term active support through ongoing case management services
  • It enhances clients’ experiences and effectiveness in workplaces and/or post-secondary institutions by serving as liaisons between clients and employers/teachers
  • It strengthens their resilience and capacity to function as a vital part of society, and achieve their full potential
  • It encourages the clients to continue accessing the main-stream services they have already utilized, and build new links as needed conducive to healthy living
  • It allows us to continue empowering them to break down access and social barriers while living out in the community
  • It supports sustaining self-sufficiency, positive social economic outcomes, maintaining stable housing, and greater well-being for these young women
  • It inspires positive change amongst peers and communities at large
  • It allows transitioned clients the time necessary to realize a higher success rate in improving their quality of life, and sustaining the new skills and changes they have worked hard to achieve
  • It gives residents a long period to effectively implement a balanced healthy living style into their daily lives
  • It is an important pathway to securing their success and sustaining long-term benefits
The only way to find the limits of the possible is by going beyond them to the impossible.
- Arthur C. Clarke