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Who We Are

Making Ourselves Matter Services Society (MOMSS) is pioneering a four-year life skills apprenticeship, an innovative opportunity to champion young women to lead healthy, self-sufficient lifestyles and inspire hope within their communities. MOMSS serves as a subsequent or continuum of service for motivated at-risk women, aged 19 to 29, who are desperately seeking a second chance, and are committed to the hard work and change necessary to realize a new beginning.

The Apprenticeship

In the first two-year stage, a life-changing rural housing experience provides a stable home environment first, and then complements it with strength-based life skills, services, practicums, and experiential development opportunities to build habits of resiliency, responsibility, and self-sufficiency. Under the continuing support, mentoring, and encouragement of MOMSS’ staff, clients are reintegrated back into the community at the onset of year three to carry out education and employment goals, and focus on maximizing personal growth gained from their residential experience. This two-year powerful learning stage is designed as a practicum where the women are tasked with the responsibility of testing, practicing, and implementing their new knowledge and abilities in their own home.

Success Model

If these were our daughters, what would they need to ensure healthy decision-making, personal success and independence? MOMSS is adopting a practical approach to preparing vulnerable women with the skills and support they require to build a strong sense of integrity and accountability for meeting their own needs. As apprenticeships are a time-tested way to learn a skilled trade, MOMSS has utilized the same strategic framework to learn relevant life skills, good daily habits, and essential core competencies. If vulnerable young women are supported longer-term with stable residential housing and the capacity training needed to live successful balanced lives, they will then become contributing adults in their communities who sustain not only their own well-being but contribute to the well-being of others. MOMSS fosters long-term success for those determined to move forward into promising futures.

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Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seems to be no hope at all.
- Dale Carnegie